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TraumaCoder™ - Advanced Trauma Coding & Scores Instantly

Trauma Coding Software You Can Trust

TraumaCoder™ is a revolutionary web-based injury coding software application  that transforms the difficult world of trauma coding into a few easy clicks.

Using RTSS™ technology, TraumaCoder™ incorporates all of the difficult trauma coding and scoring logic of ICD9, AIS, and ISS, and translates it into the way you think, so that your coding is fast, accurate, and easy to use.  It also calculates OIS, TRISS, TMPM-AIS and TMPM-ICD9. TraumaCoder™ is now in full transition to ICD-10, and this is now complete and undergoing final validation. Attendees of our Trauma Coding Master Classes have seen the powerful Trauma ICD-10 functionality already available in TraumaCoder.

TraumaCoder™ gives you the most accurate, thorough trauma codes and scores in the easiest way possible. It is specially designed for you, the Trauma Coder, Trauma Registrar, Trauma Nurse Clinician (TNC), Trauma Nurse Practitioner (TNP) or Trauma Physician's Assistant (PA).

TraumaCoder™    Injury Coding Software At Its Best

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What Our Clients Are Saying About TraumaCoder™

* I love TraumaCoder. I can get through so many more cases than I could using the ...encoder and the  ....coding book. I think it is a wonderful program!

* TraumaCoder is really beautiful software...

TraumaCoder is extremely useful and I find that I rarely need the use of my coding books. 

* I love the way that it breaks the diagnosis down and helps me learn more about my job in the process.  It gives me a much better understanding and this will be extremely helpful with the implementation of ICD-10


Become a Trauma SuperCoder™
Take your coding to the next level

TraumaCoder Certification Course™

An intensive 8-week course in Trauma chart analysis, abstracting, and coding logic using TraumaCoder™
             Current course in progress

        Next Course:  August 2015


Contact us at::                                                                                      
                  info@TraumaCoder.com   for more information


Trauma Coding Master Classes - Interactive  -

Building on the success of the Trauma Coding Master Classes, we are offering a new series of free interactive webinars specifically for trauma registrars and coders, presented by TraumaCoder™. 

We invite you to participate online in analyzing real case studies designed to help you succeed in navigating the difficult world of abstracting and coding.

Build on the skills you have already acquired, and apply them during the webinar !

Each class is designed to help you succeed in navigating the difficult world of abstracting and coding. 

Interactive Trauma Coding  Master Class 

TraumaCoder ICD-10 Coding Master Classes - Interactive

 Facial Trauma  ICD-10 Coding Interactive 

Presented by TraumaCoder™

Date:  Wednesday  October 21 ,  2015

 Time: 1:00-2:00 P.M. Central
(2 PM Eastern, 11 AM Pacific, 12 noon Mountain) 

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Facial trauma  ICD10 Coding  is complex and difficult to analyze charts and code properly. We will teach you Advanced Trauma Chart Analysis Techniques and ICD-10-CM coding using real cases and will continue your in-depth Trauma coding training in this new series of interactive webinars.

  •  Facial fractures
  •  Eyes
  •  Ears
  •  Mouth
  •  Nose
  •  Scalp

Trauma Coding Master Classes presented by TraumaCoder™ will help you:  
  • Recognize critical words and concepts in the chart that are crucial to choosing the correct code
  • Understand the structure and concepts in ICD10 in order to zoom in on the right codes
  • Overcome the code ambiguities and lack of specificity
  • Learn about injuries by organ system

     Continue your in-depth Trauma Coding & Chart Analysis education, hone your Trauma Coding skills using our interactive methods, and continue your ICD10 education.

  • Purpose: Building on the success of the “How to Improve and Streamline Your Trauma Coding” webinar, the free webinars presented by TraumaCoder™ series will cover how to properly analyze charts, show you the intricacies of specific body regions, and then how to successfully navigate coding systems, utilizing ICD-10, OIS, and  ICD-9.

We hope to see you at the webinar. If you have any questions please email us

The Trauma Coding Master Classes offer universal abstracting and chart analysis techniques that can be used for all cases and coding systems, though the webinars will primarily utilize ICD-9 and  ICD-10. These courses do not replace the AIS Courses offered by the AAAM, and we recommend the AAAM’s  AIS  Coding Courses for AIS-specific education.



























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