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As you know, trauma coding can be quite difficult. ICD-9 coding in particular is difficult, as the logic and language it uses is very different from the way that you and other medical personnel think. ICD-10 is even worse and will take much longer to master. Accurately coding trauma cases can be a difficult, timely, and expensive process. Luckily, TraumaCoder™ is the ultimate in trauma coding.

has many advantages to transform your coding process and put you and your trauma center ahead.

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Increased Efficiency
Many trauma centers spend more than $40-$50 in personnel costs alone to code each case. TraumaCoder™ can greatly reduce the costs of coding a case. Your coders and registrars will be able to code significantly more cases in less time, increasing their output and maximizing their time. In the process, you will get more accurate codes and a shorter coding cycle.

Increased Accuracy
TraumaCoder™'s revolutionary interface and logic gives you the most thorough, accurate coding and scoring possible. It's no secret that coding for trauma is incredibly difficult. From selecting the proper AIS and ICD-9 codes, to getting the correct ISS, you need to be sure that you have all of the correct codes and scores. TraumaCoder is the easiest, fastest, and most accurate way to do that.

Easy to Use
If you or your coders and registrars are trying to code a case, would you rather flip repeatedly through coding books or slough your way through code lookup software? If you're like most people, you would prefer to quickly and easily click step-by-step through the injuries and then get all the codes at the end. It saves you time, it saves you headaches, and it saves you money.
TraumaCoder™ has tremendous portability due to its flexible, web-based design.  Your personnel can use laptops and tablets wirelessly, and can code right at the bedside!

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